Actions to Confirm Zones


Zone Confirmation

1. If your pawn arrive on a zone identical to any 1 zone card in your hand, you can confirm a zone.
2. Pay the number of resources discs as specified by the cost on the card to the Treasury.
3. Stack this card on the top of corresponding region in your Office. See Card Stacking on page 6 for details.
4. If the effect timing of this card is Immediate, you may activate it now. See Effect timing on page 4 for details.
Tickets in discard pile cannot be used for zone confirmation.

Example: Zone Confirmation

You decide to confirm Mui Wo. You are already holding Mui Wo in your hand and your pawn is already on Mui Wo. You pay 2 resource discs to the Treasury and stack Mui Wo to the top of your New Territories West stack in your Office. Then you activate the immediate effect
as stated.