Actions for Movement


Proximal Movement

Move your pawn 1-3 steps to directly adjacent zones.

Example: Proximal Movement

Remote Commute

You CANNOT perform this action if your don't have enough tickets or resource discs.

1. If your zone card has route(s) listed, this card can be used as a ticket for commute. The applicable departure zones and destination zones are any zones on that route(s).

2. If your pawn is on one of these applicable zones, you place this ticket horizontally in your Office as the ticket pile.

3. Move your pawn to any zone on that route(s).

4. For this commute, count the number of routes you used. Pay that many resource discs to the Treasury.

Stacked zones in your Office cannot be used for Remote Commute.

Example: Remote Commute

You decide to use HKBCF in your hand as a ticket to move your pawn from Tai Wai to Tuen Mun South. You pay 2 resource discs to the Treasury as there are 2 routes used in this commute. You place your card horizontally in the ticket pile in your Office.

Ferry Transport

This requires 2 CONSECUTIVE ACTIONS in your turn. You cannot perform this action if you have 1 action quota left in your turn.

If your pawn is on the zone where ferry line terminates, you move via ONE AND ONLY ONE ferry line to a connected terminal zone.

Example: Ferry Transport

You pawn is in Tsim Sha Tsui, You use 2 action quotas to move your pawn to Central.

You cannot move directly from Tsim Sha Tsui to Peng Chau, as it involves 2 ferry lines.

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