Bohnanza Dahlias

Harvesting Flowers


You may harvest flowers from your fields at any time during the game, even when you’re not the active player. Each kind of flower has its own “Market Price”. This tells you how many gold coins you get for a given number of flowers you harvest.

Note: Some harvests may not earn you any coins!

The Bumble Rumble‘s Market Price tells you: If you harvest 1 or 2 Bumble Rumbles, you don’t get any gold coins. For 3 or 4 Bumble Rumbles, you earn one coin. as highlighted in the picture 5 or 6 flowers earn you two coins, for 7 flowers you get three gold coins, and 8 or more Bumble Rumbles pay out four coins.

When you harvest flowers, follow these steps:

1) Count the number of cards in the field you want to harvest.

2) Check the top card’s Market Price.

3) Turn over as many of those cards as you get coins (according to the Market Price) so that their coin sides show.

4) Put these cards on your coin pile (next to your flower field mat).

5) Put the remaining cards from your field face-up on the discard pile.

6) After you harvest, the field must be empty—you cannot harvest only part of a field.

The Dahlia Protection Rule

If there is only one flower card in one of your fields, you cannot harvest it as long as you have another field containing more than one flower card.