Bohnanza Dahlias

Phase 2. Turn Over and Trade Flower Card


Turn over the top two cards from the draw pile and put them next to it face-up for all players to see.

The turned-over cards belong to you. You can plant them in your fields or use them to trade with the other players.

Rules for Trading Flowers:

- Only the active player is allowed to trade with the other players. The other players can’t trade with each other.

- You may all trade using your hand cards, no matter where they are in your hands.

- The active player can use the two turned-over cards for trading in addition to their hand cards.

- You cannot trade cards you’ve received in a trade.

- You cannot trade the cards in your fields, either.

- You are allowed to trade any number of flowers for any number of other flowers (e.g., two Moon Fires for one Pumpkin).

Note: Only remove flowers from your hand once the trade has been agreed on. Both players have to agree to the trade. This way, you can avoid discussions about where the card was in your hand after having taken it out of order too soon!

Put any flower cards you receive in trade next to your flower fields horizontally for now. Do not add them to your hand!

You may continue trading for as long as you like, even after the turned over cards are gone. When you want to stop, tell the other players. This ends phase 2.

Note: As a special form of trade, you can also give another player cards. Players receiving gifts have to agree to take them, though. If they refuse, you cannot give them the cards.