Bohnanza Dahlias

Phase 1. Planting Flowers


You must plant the first card in your hand (i.e. the one that is completely visible) in one of your fields.

After that, you may choose to plant one more card – the one that is now completely visible – in one of your fields. You can’t plant a third flower.

When planting, you start or extend the column of cards in the field.

If you don’t have any cards in your hand at the start of phase 1, skip it and go straight to phase 2.

If you have to plant a kind of dahlia you don’t have space for, you must harvest a field first (see “Harvesting Flowers”).

Important Rules for Planting Flower Cards:

You can only plant one kind of dahlia in each field at a time. You are allowed to plant the same kind of dahlia in two different fields at the same time, but not two kinds of dahlia in the same field. Put the dahlia cards in your field on top of each other, as shown.

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