Race to the North Pole

Playing with five players


These are the house rules from the publisher for incorporating a fifth player in the game:

- All players play with 2 pawns. (If you don't have a fifth color available, the fifth player can lay their pawns down on their back, so they're easier to separate.

- Two players share and play from one side. So after the first player has played their turn as they normally would (turn steps 1-4), the other player starts their turn from that same side.

- As this leaves the player that goes second (on that one side) in a small advantage (a full hand in the start), he is not dealt the Husky-starting equipment in the beginning and has to start with only 1 equipment.

- The storms still happen in 12 points, same as 4 players.

- Optional: add more Ice Masks in the stack (11 or even 12) as there is a bit more chaos, so they don't run out.