Aggressive move


After the Passive move is made, a second matching move is made as the Aggressive move. The Aggressive move must be made in the same direction AND number of spaces as the Passive move. In addition, the Aggressive move must be made on one of the opposite color boards on either side of the rope.

Opponent's stones can be pushed with the Aggressive Move, though it's not mandatory. Pushing a stone off a board removes it from the game. See Pushing Stones for more information.

EXAMPLE: Black's Passive move (a) was forward 2 spaces on the Light Homeboard.

The Aggressive move must therefore be on either of the two Dark boards.

All possible Aggressive Moves are shown with red arrows. An Aggressive move CAN push an opponent's stone across a board (b1) or off a board (b2). However, pushing a stone is never mandatory.

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