Getting Steles and Acquiring Tokens


On your turn, you may perform one of the following two actions A or B.

On top of that, you may play as many cards as you wish.

A. Get new steles

To get new steles, you may:

- Take any 2 steles from the temples or

- draw 3 steles randomly from the bag.


If you have more than 10 steles in your reserve at the end of your turn, you have to keep 10 and return the rest into the bag.

B. Acquire a knowledge token

To gain a knowledge token from a village, you must erect a sacred Bear Stele:

- Take one of the steles from your reserve,

- place it on that village space,

- take the token and

- place it on the designated space on your personal board.


- You may not place a stele adjacent to another one of the same color.

- The stele you place must be adjacent (=connected by a trail) to at least another stele.

Pay the cost

After raising your stele, you must make an offering: The price is determined by all the adjacent steles, next to the one you just erected.

You must pay the equivalent in number and color to the corresponding temples.

Knowledge tokens

Each time you erect a stele, you get a knowledge token:

- Place it on your player board on a space showing the corresponding type.

- You may never retrieve more tokens of a type than your board allows for.

- When you complete a column, draw the first card from the pile of seal cards (see related rule for more details about cards).

After one of the two actions (Get new steles OR Acquire a knowledge token) were performed, it's the next player's turn. Players take turns until they meet the 'Victory' condition (see related rule).