Time Breaker

Card Types


Move: These cards allow you to move your piece to the next tile over.

Some allow lateral (left or right) movement, some allow vertical (up or down) movement, and some allow both.

Diagonal moves are never allowed. You can only move from one tile to the next.

Jump: These cards move your piece directly to the specific tile shown.

There’s a jump card for each tile on the board. If your piece is already on that tile, jump to any tile you wish

Action: Each of these cards has a different effect.

Follow the directions on the card.

There are 8 different Actions, which work as follows:

Return to HQ: Move someone’s piece to the TRA tile.
Join Me: Move all other players’ pieces to your tile.
Quantum Leap: Play 2 more cards, one from your hand and one from the top of the deck.
Tag Along: Move your piece to the same tile as another player.
Desperate Grab: Discard your hand to move directly to the tile with the Time Breaker.
Double Time: Follow a green arrow, then do it again.
Near Yet Far: Move to a tile next to the Time Breaker.
Back It Up: Follow the red arrow to move backwards.

Breaker: These cards represent actions taken by the Time Breaker, but otherwise they function like Action cards.

Follow the directions on the card.

There are 3 types of Breakers:

Crash a Gate: Remove a gate tile other than the one under the Time Breaker (see related rule below).

On the Move: Move the Time Breaker to another tile, either by following the green arrow or as determined by another card you play.
Shut and Run: Remove the tile under the Time Breaker and move the Time Breaker to an adjacent tile.

Stop Time: These cards are played when it’s not your turn to nullify another player’s card play.

Note: Stop Time only cancels a card’s functionality, it cannot prevent a player from Following an arrow.

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