The Resistance: Avalon

4. Merlin looks into the future


If you have received the Merlin card at the start of the game, you have a special power: you know who the evil players are when the game begins.

To accomplish this:

1. All players close their eyes and extend their fists in front of them.

2. The leader instructs only the evil players to extend their thumbs.

3. The leader instructs the Merlin player to open his or her eyes and see which players are evil.

3. After a few moments, long enough for Merlin to have identified each other, the evil players, the leader instructs Merlin to close his or her eyes again.

4. All players remove their fists and open their eyes.

Extended setup variant

If you are using any of the variant characters, you need to use the extended setup variant here so that the right players gain the right information!

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