Heebie Jeebies

Frequently Asked Questions

What if several player reach 10 points at the same turn?
Those players alone should continue to actively vote while the other players rotate being the Subject.
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How do I win the game?
First to 10 points.
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How do I score points?
By voting right.
Each player who guessed the Subject's choice correctly gets 1 point.
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How do I vote?
Pick a card and place the matching numbered voting card from your hand face down in front of you.
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Who is the "Subject"?
Each turn, a different person will be the Subject; they're the only player not voting this turn.
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What if none of the cards gives me the Heebie Jeebies?
Just pick the card that gives you the greatest negative response. Ultimately, this game is about the other players guessing what you'd pick and vice versa, and having fun with the answers.