Example of Scoring Bids


The Blue player has bid 3 tokens on the Red player, 2 tokens on the Yellow player, 1 token on the Purple player, 1 token on the White player, and 1 token on themselves.

At the End of the Round the Red player has won 3 Tricks, the Yellow player - 3 Tricks, the Purple player - 0 Tricks, the White player - 0 Tricks and the Blue player - 2 Tricks.

Looking at the Bids of the Blue player - they correctly bid on the Red player, and receive 2 points, but they were 1 off on their bids on the Yellow, Purple, White and Blue players, thus they receive only 1 point for each of those players.

The total amount of points scored from Bids: 2+1+1+1+1=6 points.