Joking Hazard

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the next Judge decided?
Judge duty rotates in clockwise direction.
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Does the red card always have to be the last panel?
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What happens if a red card is drawn as the first card?
Bonus Round! (see rule)
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What happens if we run out of cards?
Discarded cards are shuffled into new draw decks.
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How many cards are players dealt?
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How is the first Judge selected?
By the players using a as non-violent method as possible.
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How many red cards are there?
40 in the base game.
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How many black cards are there?
300 in the base game, plus 10 blanks you can create yourself.
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What is the goal of the game?
See the following rule(s) to find an answer to this question.
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How many points do you need to win?
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Can the Judge score?
Not unless you're playing with an expansion or rule variation that allow's it.
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