Bamboo Bash

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I keep playing when there are 2 or less Stem Centerdiscs left?
Yes. You play untill there is no bark left. Because this is a specific rule for the Classic Fun game.
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Can I hit the Bamboo Shoot with any part of the Panda Paw stick?
Yes. You can use any part of the Panda Paw stick.
Can I play the Beginner game with the Panda Cub?
Yes, you can combine the rules to your liking.
What if there is a Tie?
Zie the tie rule
They player that was later in turn order is the winner.
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What happens when 2 or more players have the same amount of leave pieces?
All the players that have the most pieces with leaves will get the points.
Are there no + points for the Stemcenters?
Is there a difference between the pieces with or without leaves?
Yes there is a difference but not at this point. There will be extra points for the pieces with leaves on them later.
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What happens when all players have had third turn?
Go to the next round and play on untill you arrive at one of the senarios that will end the game.
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What happens to the Panda Cub?
It goes back on the Bamboo Shoot
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When does a turn end?
When the player has claimed pieces that fell down or when they can't hit the Bamboo Shoot anymore because they are out of strikes.
Can I hit the Bamboo Shoot with my hand?
It's only permitted to hit the Bamboo Shoot with the Panda paw stick.
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How do we select who goes first?
Choose the person that looks the most like a bear.
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Can you use the handle of the Panda Paw stick to hit or tap the Bamboo Shoot?
As long as you use the Panda Paw stick it's fine.
Where does the Panda Cub go when it falls off the Bamboo Shoot?
Depending on the variant you play there are 3 senarios: 1. In the Basic game if you dropped it you get no points for the Barks with leaves on them at the end and it goes back on top. 2. In the Beginner game the Panda Cub isn't used. 3. In the Classic fun game the Panda Cub eats 1 of your Barks with leaves on them and then goes back on top of the Bamboo Shoot.
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What is the meaning of the Bark chunks with leaves on them?
There are two possible scenarios: The items can be eaten by the panda cub, but they don't earn you any points. The items can be collected and, by not disturbing the panda cub, they can potentially earn you more points at the end of the game.
How many layers does the Bamboo Shoot have?
How do I get the Bark Chunks in the notches on the siedes of the Stem Centers?
Slide them
You slide them in from the top. Watch out it's a dellicate job.
How do I recognize the stembase?
The logo
It's the only piece with the Bamboo Bash logo on top.
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Do you have to use all the components that are in the box?
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Do you always use the panda miniature?
What happens if nothing falls off?
You're turn is over.
After three strikes nothing fell your turn is over. Try again in the next round.
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What happens if you knock over the complete bamboo shoot?
You lose
You lose, and because you have collected alle the stemcenters and bark you lose. You get a negative total points .
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For what age is the game suitable?
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How many players can play this game?
The game is from 2 to 8 players
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When does the game end?
When all the bark has been claimed or there are two or less stemcenter discs left.
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What is the goal off the game?
Collecting points
To collect the most points. And be carefull not to get - points.