New York Slice

Frequently Asked Questions

If I use the Supreme slice to copy a slice type, then use Seconds, how many pepperoni do I get?
Although the Supreme slice copies a slice type (the number), it does not copy that slice's pepperoni. When eaten, the Supreme slice always has two pepperonis and is therefore worth 2 points.
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Can I use a Supreme slice to copy both numbers on a Combo slice?
A Supreme slice is considered to be one slice of a specific type. When placing the Supreme slice next to a Combo slice, choose only one of those numbers to copy.
Are "Cut-In-Line", "Dibs!", or "Sneak-A-Slice" one-time use or multiple use?
One time.
Each of these Specials may only be used once on a future round.
Are the amount of slices I collect limited?
Players may collect as many slices as they want.
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What happens if I tie for majority of slices with another player?
No players get points for that type of slice.
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How many of each slice are in the game?
The number on each slice is also how many copies of that are in the game. For example, a slice 3 on it has 3 copies in the game. A slice with 11 on it has 11 copies in the game.
What Specials are not used on the last turn?
Cut In Line, Sneak-A-Slice. If either of these appear on the final turn, choose another Special from the stack.
What Specials are not used in a 2 player game?
Cut In Line, Dibs!, You Love Veggies*.
I assigned the Supreme slice to a number but changed my mind - can I reassign it?
The Supreme slice MUST be assigned when collected and cannot be changed for the rest of the game.
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Can I eat any slice I want?
You may only eat a slice if it has at least 1 pepperoni on it. This means Combo slices and the Anchovy slice can never be eaten.
How many slices should be in a pile?
Each face down stack should consist of 11 slices each, with 3 slices left over.
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