Playing cards and building blocks


After having selected the building blocks for this round, play continues clockwise.

The players take turns playing cards and building blocks, beginning with the starting player, until all building blocks from the player boards have been placed on the game board.

Play a card

On your turn,

- play a card from your hand and

- place it face-up next to your player board (see image below).

When you place the card, the image must be oriented towards your side of the playing board. It is not allowed to rotate the card played.

Build a block

After playing the card,

- choose a building block from your player board and

- place it on the space shown on the card in any of the 6 cities, following the rules A and B below.

A. Follow the position indicated

The site where you can build a block corresponds to the position indicated on the card played.

The spot marked red on the card indicates the building site to use, depending on the side of the game board you sit at.

Remember: It is not allowed to rotate the card played.

B. Mind ownership and majority of existing buildings

You may place your building block on the top of another building.

In this case, also counting the building block you are about to build, you must

- have at least as many floors as the current owner of the building (=the player who controls the top of the building) and

- you cannot combine 2 or more building blocks of yours in order to build a bigger block on your turn.

Draw a card

At the end of your turn, draw 1 card from the deck and put it in your hands.

Once all players' building blocks have been placed on the game board, continue with 'Scoring' (see related rule).