Snowman Dice

Example of Playing a Round


"1, 2, 3, SNOW!" The Round begins and players start to roll their dice.

Janis have rolled the bottom, middle and the head of the Snowman, a Snowflake and an Arrow.

Janis builds his Snowman by placing the middle piece die (with 3 dots) onto the bottom piece die (with 1 dot) of the Snowman and places the head piece on top of the stack.

Since Janis has also rolled an Arrow he can start to push his Snowman to the North Pole marker. "Look at the Snowman go!", says Janis and starts pushing the Snowman stacked dice to the North Pole marker.

Other player at this time can use their Snowball dice, which they flick in attempt to make the Snowman fall apart.

However, Janis has managed to push his Snowman to the North Pole marker without it falling apart, and at this moment the Round ends.

Janis carefully take apart his snowman and shows that it was built without using any Snowflake dice and for that he scores 2 points.

Everybody takes 5 dice and start a new Round by saying "1, 2, 3, SNOW!". The first player to reach 3 points is the winner!