Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Command Action: Cast a Spell


Casting Spells from your Spell Library

- Reveal 1 Spell Card from your Spell Library (hand) OR select 1 Scribed Spell.

- Pay the Mana cost listed in the upper left corner.

- Perform the action listed on the card.

- Gain the VP listed in the upper right of the card and advance the Score Token.

A card Cast from your Spell Library is discarded.


Note that only Spells labeled "CAST" may be used in a Cast Action.

Casting Scribed Spells

Instead of a Spell from your Library, you can use one from a Scribed Spell Slot, but only if it is pointing upward in the “Ready” position.

After casting, rotate the Scribed Spell Card upside down (top pointing down) to designate it as "Exhausted"

During the Round End Phase, all Scribed Spell Cards that are not "Ready" rotate once 90°.


"Preparing" Spell Cards will rotate so that the top is facing up. These Spells are now "Ready" to be Cast again during the following round. Then "Exhausted" Spell Cards will rotate so that the top is facing to one side.